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Impossible Surveillance Cloud

Maintain video surveillance data in the cloud with instant setup, powerful security, and low storage costs. Cloud storage made in Germany.

Key Features :

Cloud storage made in Germany for GDPR compliance
Transparent pricing - know what you pay and pay less
No egress fees to retrieve recordings from the cloud
Up and running in 5 minutes

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The Key Role of Data Storage in AI Strategy

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How AI is revolutionizing the business world
AI as a growth driver in various industries
Implementing your AI strategy
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Greater Speed, Durability and Cost Efficiency with Decentralized Cloud Services.

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Why you’re paying too much for cloud storage
Why current cloud solutions leave your data vulnerable
Why the future of the cloud is decentralized
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Better backup and recovery

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How to develop a backup strategy
Why its important to have immutable storage
How to improve your data security and recoverability